Table Settings

Pretty much the whole country will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday and spending time enjoying a yummy dinner with loved ones.  I am not really religious, but give thanks and say a prayer for those not fortunate enough to be in a warm home with loved ones.  This year my Australian mother in law, MIL, will be coming to my parents house for Thanksgiving. This will be her first Thanksgiving dinner. My father is a great cook, he does an excellent job with the bird.  I will be bringing pies and a cranberry tea bread I used to make when I was a baker at the Black Dog Bakery on Martha's Vineyard.  My sister will bring the homemade cranberry sauce, another tasty dish with orange peel accents. My mom makes rich, buttery mashed potatoes.  So everything is pretty covered. What about the table? I decided to look up some table setting ideas.  I posted a few months back about ideas for decorating the table, here.   However this post is about how to set up the dishes and silverware.

From Emily Post's website,, easy rule of thumb to remember the silverware gets placed on order of use.  

above snapshots taken from

above photo from real

Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite websites, has 15 DIY ideas for a modern Thanksgiving table.  I love the layering of the textiles and the succulents definitely add a modern feel. 

apartment therapy

However you spend the day I hope you have a lovely and peaceful holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!