Feed Sack Fabrics

Tagging along to last week's post about the book I've been reading called Feed Sacks, The Colorful History of a Frugal Fabric, I have been hunting for some of these historical cloths.  Ebay seems to be the place for authentic ones.  Although reproductions can be found on many sites as well.  Depending on what you plan to use them for you need to look at them carefully.  Usually Ebay sellers are upfront in the description with stains or rips.  My plan is to use them for apron pockets and detailing on a new category I am designing.  Therefore a few stains won't effect me too much because I just can cut around it.  

some feed sack fabric purchased on eBay.  

These ones I received are in pretty good shape and I am quite pleased with how they turned out after washing them.  They will work perfectly in my blues category! 

Have you shopped for feed sacks? Where are your go tos? Find anything amazing? Please share!