Tuesday's Apron

 Aster's Apron

Aster's Apron

I could never pass up a good apron.  What is good? Cute, different, classic, vintage.  Aprons are timeless.  I am now making an apron for my 10 year old niece.  She has become quite the little chef.  What's important to her in an apron? I was told to make it turquoise or purple.  What makes an apron your favorite? Is it the worn in feeling of the fabric? Is it the multiple pockets for your utensils?   Is it the memories? Or is it how you feel when you are wearing the apron?

I tried very much to make this apron for Aster turquoise and/or purple.   I wanted this apron to be one of my cotton/linen fabrics.  So unfortunately that eliminated purple and turquoise.   Now that I don't work in a fabric store anymore it's not so easy as pie to pick out a new fabric.  I was able to maintain the purple requirement.   

Aster turned 10.  And she was having a cooking party for her birthday.  She doesn't live near me so I don't know what her apron stash is like.  I tried to make her apron as user friendly and to represent her personality as much as possible, while still being utilitarian. 

The apron was sent out in the mail today. Hopefully when she receives it, she will cook up a dish asap.

Do you have a favorite apron? What makes it your favorite?