Lilly Pulitzer at Target

lilly pulitzer target

Sitting here on vacation watching the tv and an interesting commercial comes on that has the feel of a Target commercial.  However it is not showing specific product but more of a lifestyle.  Even more intriguing is that Chris Noth, aka Mr.Big, is in the beginning for a split second.  It comes to an end.  It is Target, an ad for Lilly Pulitzer.  If you don't know who she is you can click here to see a post I wrote a few years ago about her and her company.   She and her products represent Palm Beach lifestyle.  Bright colors, big florals, pink flamingos and relaxation.  A few years ago I almost worked at Lilly Pulitzer mens apparel.  A company called Oxford Industries purchased Lilly a few years ago.  I was most excited about the opportunity unfortunately it wasn't in NYC and I wasn't quite ready to leave the city.  Target won't be selling the mens line but will  be selling womens, womens plus, kids and home online and in stores starting this Sunday morning!  

housewares collection  Lilly Pulitzer for Target

housewares collection Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Lilly Pulitzer plus