Garden Trugs

Wherever I have lived I always had a garden.  Even when I lived in a 300 square foot studio in Hells Kitchen Manhattan I had herbs and tomatoes in pots on my fire escape.  I find gardening to be very relaxing.  Reap what you sow.  Do you have a favorite garden tool? This past season I  found I have been putting to good use my garden trug, or as the Brits say "trog".   I purchased mine from William Sonoma last season. I have a very small garden considering I do live in Brooklyn.  So my true serves many purposes. Not just collecting harvest.  I tend to our back garden and I also am responsible for the front area for our coop.  My trug carries my tools, seeds, knee pad and gloves.  Quite handy when I am traveling from the back yard, downstairs, upstairs to the front outside garden area.

I wish I needed another trug because there are some beautiful ones on the market right now. 

From Kaufman Mercantile The Sussex Garden Trug 

The Sussex Garden Trug from Kaufman Mercantile is made in England of sweet chestnut and cricket bat willow wood.  Following a traditional method dating back to the 1600's.  

From Park Seed, made by Joseph Bentley, another form following the traditional round shape.

And finally some samples from the Natural Gardener in the UK. 

Do you use a trug? What is your favorite gardening tool?

Happy gardening!