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Eco Travel Ware and the Harmfullness of Plastics

Have you noticed the increase in eco flatware? On the go cutlery. I work from home so I usually eat my meals here. I say no to flatware when we take out. However sometimes the restaurant still gives it to me.  If they do give it to me and this also happens to you, save it. Our local soup kitchen takes plastic ware to give to their patrons. 

Recently Anthropologie had their eco flatware kits on sale. Lots of cute options!

But why is bamboo good? Bamboo grows sustainably. It does not pollute, grows quite fast (2 feet a day) and it composts relatively quickly. Plastic, once used and disposed sits in the landfill. Sometimes contaminating the land, ground water and the sea. Have you walked on the beach seeing trash?

albatross filled with trash (photo:

albatross filled with trash (photo:

Above is a harsh photo. It is an albatross that was found with so much garbage in it. This bird, the Layson Albatross, dives for his/her meals. When he or she dives they pick up trash as a result.

By using bamboo cutlery or even pack some cutlery from home for your lunch at work or your picnic you are helping prevent some plastic end up in our waterways.

If you have plastic utensils from take out. Don’t use them and donate them to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Thank you!