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Gardening Apron

With summer in full swing are you spending a lot of time in the garden or the yard?  We have a small yard here in Brooklyn but we have a yard which is a big deal in New York City.  I love to garden! I find myself every morning out there to see what has happened overnight.  This year I am planting tomatoes, as usual, but also am trying eggplant and yellow squash.  We have small raised beds about 2 1/2 feet wide.  The heirloom beans did well.  And I am trying tomatoes in pots.  They seem to be doing better than the tomato in the garden.  Also per Harper's request we planted a strawberry plant in a pot.  It seems to be blooming and so far we have harvested 2 strawberries.  Nothing like picking and eating! 

I saw this fabric and thought it would be perfect for a gardening apron.  I love the hand drawn illustrations of the fruits and veggies.  The pockets are double sided for extra sturdiness. 

Cotton webbing ties, cotton webbing loop to hold any tool or towel.  The apron is made of nice medium canvas, easy to wash.  The print is a botanical print that is pencil sketched.

You can find the Will Gardner Apron in my etsy shop.

Happy Gardening!