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Summer Grilling Tools

It’s mid July, mid summer and high grilling season. I love to grill. I don’t have a super fancy or high tech grill. It’s a grill that I can use propane or charcoal. It also has a side burner so I appreciate having that option. I usually use the gas because honestly it’s faster and easier. Also, I usually am only cooking for 2 adults and 1 child. Sometimes only 1 child and 1 adult.

I am always interested in gadgets or insider tips and tricks. I’ve been looking into taking a bbq class at a local teaching kitchen but the schedule just hasn’t been right. I did recently start receiving Bon Apetit magazine and the current issue was the Grilling Issue! You can find it here. Which I have to say as a sidenote it is a bit bothersome the article can be accessed for free online. Maybe it’s posted once the magazine is published. Back to the subject at hand. There are a lot of cool tools talked about in the article written by Jesse Sparks. My absolute fave was using a mesh basket to grill things that get messy and fall apart. Grilling strawberries for a shortcake. YUM! And the grilling tool idea came from a Brooklyn chef, Christine Lecki formerly at Reynard which I have never been to.

Love this idea!

grilling tools

So I absolutely am going to try this. If you have tried it how did it go? What did you think?

Did you make a shortcake? Or what did you put them on?