Tuesday's Apron - In the Making

fabric pile

I recently starting working on a new project, 3 custom aprons,  and I was given the color options and a picture from the client, a food truck called Lucky Girl Cafe! If you live in NYC or LA or watch kitchen shows you know food trucks are all the rage.  One can get so many different types and varieties of food. The creativeness with the ingredients is amazing, usually quite fresh tasting and completely safe (for those of you nervous nellies).  These guys make asian inspired sandwiches and they look delicious! Come to NY please!!!! 

The aprons are to be complimentary and coordinated.  When I started working with the fabrics the possibilities were endless. See picture above. One apron is to be more for show and the other two more functional.  Next week I will post the final products but for now....

Here are a few of the in the making pics. 

lucky girl cafe.JPG

Next week I will post the final product.  I don't want to post the completed aprons until my client has their big event this week. 

If you live in the Tucson Arizona area, check out Lucky Girl Cafe!  

Happy Tuesday!