Frida Kahlo at the NY Botanical Gardens

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Living in New York City for the summer sometimes can feel like living in an oven.  No circulation of air, just steady, hot, sometimes sticky and sometimes stinky air.  The New York Botanical Garden is a welcome reprieve.  Located in the Bronx section of NYC, it is a quick 20 minute trip from Grand Central.  Once at the station all you need to do is cross the street and you are at the garden.  Being this easy is important when traveling with a toddler.  Since April I have been looking forward to this exhibit.  Frida Kahlo makes me feel good and happy.  Food for the soul.

Casa azul

Casa azul

A mock up of Frida and Diego's house, Casa Azul, in Coyocan Mexico.

casa azul2.jpg

a mock up of the casa azul

toad pool
frida's painting desk.jpg

Paint supplies

Frida and Diego had a cactus fence outside their home.  Their gardens were a clever combination of native Mexican flora.

Cactus fence

Cactus fence

fuzzy flower
Fuzzy brain flower. Love that name.

Fuzzy brain flower. Love that name.

The exhibit goes until November 1.  For more info check out the Botanical Garden's website right here.