Recharging the Battery

Nantucket Harbor

I was very stressed days before my vacation.  Who isn't.  I had to clean our house because guests were coming, pack for me, pack for Harper and also trying to finish some product to get to one of my retailers in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Mind Matter .   Fortunately the husband stepped in and did the majority of the cleaning.  Now that I am here I can't believe I was actually thinking I didn't want to come.  I love Nantucket.  It may be my favorite place in the world.  I've been coming here for years.  I worked here during the summer when I was in college.  This morning I went for a run which I haven't done in a long time and I realize how stressed and not in my right head was I. 

We all need to recharge the battery.  And if you are a parent you know that vacations aren't truly vacations when with a child.  But none the less I am in a beautiful, peaceful and certainly inspirational place.  So for the next 10 days I will be sharing some photos that I find worthy.  That demonstrate how beautiful this island is, untouched areas, miles of nature conservancy, and a New England historic whaling island that has become a chic destination in the past few decades.