Grey Lady

Perfect Life

Bartletts Farm, Nantucket Looms                                                             all photos by traceytoole

The whole reason of vacation is to recharge the battery, spend time with family, explore new things.  I've been coming to Nantucket for many years.  Now that I come with my husband we do have conversations of  "would we be able to live here fill time".  It seems so perfect.  But that is what vacation is suppose to be like right?  Nantucket is an historic whaling town.  Their strict rules of how things are and should look contribute to this island being so perfect.  No chain stores allowed, except for the grocery store which is a Stop and Shop.  No stop lights on the island.  Cars stop for you when you are walking across the street.   Quaint cape houses with that blue grey salt air wood.   The Grey Lady, a nickname for Nantucket, is 30 miles out to sea.

I've mostly been reading and have not even picked up any of the crafts I brought to work on. We have a few more days left on the island and I find myself thinking of both Nantucket and Brooklyn. 

Thanks for reading and happy Monday!