Ingrid Sundberg

World's First Color Thesaurus

As a designer and a person I am always drawn to color. Sometimes a negative when designing or purchasing things for the home or clothes.  Why?  Because I end up with lots of colorful items.  I do love color!  When writing new descriptions for an item I do find myself referring to the thesaurus.  Also I keep a list of color names.  When I worked in the industry at a 9 to 7 design job I constantly had to come up with new color names for plaids I created.  I would keep a list at my desk for easy reference.  Well I wish I came up with the color thesaurus.  A children's illustrator, Ingrid Sundberg, has created the world's first color thesaurus.  She started two years ago and a poster will be available soon.  I am so excited to just look at this and share it with you!

Also I know my toddler daughter will love this.  What a great teaching tool!

If you would like to learn more about Ingrid Sundberg check out her website here.