Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron - Your Local Store's Apron

As an apron maker, I can't help but check out aprons when I go into a store.  My favorites are Anthropologie and Williams Sonoma.  Knowing how much things cost to make in a factory overseas, I always look to see where the apron is made.  The first thing I do is look at if it is adjustable and how are the straps attached.  Is it a d-ring? Is it an easy slide thru with twill tape.  Next is what's the fabric? Cotton, linen, poly? Next  up, pockets? How many? How big? What fabric? Last week's Tuesday's Apron was about inspirations.  So I thought it appropriate that this week I write about the different aprons out there in the mass market.

super cute kid's apron with embroidery applique from Williams Sonoma

vintage vegetable print in greys from Williams Sonoma 

One of my favorite websites, Fog Linen, beautiful photos, gorgeous product and quality product. 

color blocked apron in cotton from Anthropologie

So many aprons available to you.  Choose wisely! And have some fun!