The Easiest Pumpkin Cookie

art by my 3 year old.  Love this!

art by my 3 year old.  Love this!

This past Thanksgiving I made the easiest and tastiest pumpkin cookies.  I love to bake and things were so busy last week I didn't get a chance to make a treat for Thanksgiving. However I woke up Thanksgiving morning and was trolling thru instagram and came upon the most delicious cookies from Food52. 

photo from Food52

What of course caught my attention was the phrase they used, soft as cake.  I was visiting my parents so I needed to go out and buy some of the ingredients but it was quite doable although some stores were closed for the day. (kuddos to those companies!) I am not a professional pastry chef. I spent a few summers on Martha's Vineyard at the Black Dog Bakery baking cookies and tea breads.  I have considered going to school to be a pastry chef.  As of now it is a passion and hobby. I do have some tools that I really like.  For example, the Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer, it makes me feel like a professional!  So while at my parent's house I had to mix the pumpkin cookie batter by hand, "old school",  and it was doable.  Not bad at all.  I survived.  My point being, you don't need many supplies and I was not in my comfort zone, my own kitchen.

pumpkin cookie batter

The next best ingredient, Giardelli 60% cacao chocolate. I debated between adding the chips or melting them and dipping the cookies into them. I took a poll, my sister and nieces voted for either.  As they said, either is going to taste really good. They were right! 

One little side note, I used Turbinado Sugar which you can see in the photo below.  I loved the texture it gave the cookie!


food52 pumpkin cookie

If you are interested in trying these the recipe is right here. 

Enjoy and Happy holidays!