Tuesday's Apron


Depression Era Aprons

left to right photos by: http://www.vivavintageclothing.com, pinterest

There has been an apron that I have been seeing occasionally and I have always really liked the look.  It's on trend with overall fashion as well, a simple, clean line and airy garment.  Many people are calling it a Japanese Apron or Japanese Inspired.  Actually this popular style is a classic pinafore dating back to the depression era. 

photo from https://www.flickr.com/photos/primrose_design/638670439/

The above Pickford Apron, named for Mary Pickford, Hollywood actress of the time who looked completely picturesque while wearing an apron.  Or as my mother called this, a housecoat.  The purpose was to cover up your lovely attire while doing the dirty house work.

I recently began working with a new business which I am so excited about.  They would like to try a depression era housecoat, cross apron coverall.  I love doing research and love experimenting!

Happy Tuesday's Apron!



Tuesday's Apron - The Peacock Cocktail Apron

the mini apron 

Have you heard of Amy Butler? She is a textile designer from the mid-west.  She designs beautiful,  hypnotic, prints.  With so many colors in a print, stains can hide.  With this in mind I designed this Mini Peacock Cocktail Apron, perfect for the waiter or bartender. The fabric is colorful, hides stains, a nice mid weight canvas therefore being quite durable and choice of 3 or 4 pockets.  Pockets are double sided with a clementine orange color or emerald green cotton.  Waist ties match the pocket lining.

Made in Brooklyn. 100% cotton. Available for purchase here on my website or thru etsy.com

Happy Tuesday!



Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron - Why Linen?

Many aprons are made from linen.  A beautiful, durable, wrinkly and expensive fabric.  Linen was the commonly used fabric for aprons before cotton became more prevalent.  Many aprons now again are being crafted from linen.  Why is this? They are lightweight, very durable, breathable, wear well, it withstands high temperatures and has minimal initial shrinkage and has a wonderful feel and texture to it.  It is one of the oldest textiles to our planet.

One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is Bonnbonn. 

Another favorite is Fog Linen Work.  Beautiful photos and beautiful product.  Someday I hope to get linen sheets. 


Summer is here, especially in the northeast.  If you are in the market for a new apron, now is the time to buy a linen one.  Splurge and treat yourself to some beautiful fabric.

Happy Tuesday's Apron!


Giveaway, Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron - GIVEAWAY

denim apron collage

There is a new style of apron in my line and life.  It is full style butcher apron using light weight denim. Denim is known for it's sturdiness and hardiness.  Great for cooking, baking or gardening.  Unlike regular old levi's denim, usually a heavy 12 to 16 oz.  This style is lighter weight, easy to move in and has 3 patch pockets; 2 are lower classic 5 point pockets and there is one chest thermometer pocket, double faced.  That means lined with a pop of color.

Winner will choose the webbing color ties: kelly, natural, red, black or yellow and choose the pocket :  rail road stripe, lobsters or blue boat print.


Of course this isn't totally free, I need a name.  All suggestions welcome, you can comment below this post or on my Facebook page.  Enter the giveaway here!  Raffle is held thru rafflecopter and winner will be chosen May 15th.  Entries accepted until May 14th. 

Good luck!


Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron- My First Apron

first apron

On a recent visit to my parent's house I found in a cabinet  the very first apron I made.  It was actually in the second sewing class I took when I was 21 years old.  It was in a store in Portland, Oregon called Fabric Depot.  The store is still there.  It is a great, large, massive space with every type of fabric one can think of.



  It's nice to see things from our past. We think of what we accomplished, how far we have come.  Do you remember your first apron? Or your first sewing class?  An apron or a tote is a typical first sewing class project.  Basic seams, straight stitching, a pocket, straps.  Looking at my first apron it's hard to believe that I was ever this much of a novice.  You can see the shakiness in the stitching.  This apron is almost 20 years hold.  An example of how long things we make can last.  Now I am making aprons and selling them.  Proof of a craft turning into a career. 

first apron

And don't forget to enter the giveaway for my new lightweight denim apron.  Check out the post here