Inspiring Words

snapshot taken from design

Everyday I try to check out at least one of my regularly read blogs. Today I looked at Design Sponge and found a great article and the presentation was perfect too.  How to get over comparing yourself to others.  I don't know if this applies to everyone but definitely applies to creatives.    It's also kind of relevant to me because last night I taught a class called Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship and in the first session we discussed taking risks and being the best you can be.  I'm also reading a new book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, she talks about risk taking. Be creative. Don't be afraid.  

Everything is coming together!

The article on Design Sponge is by a man named Adam J. Kurtz.  When I first read the above photo, I thought of Adam Joking.  JK.  Joking. I appreciate his sense of humor.  Anyways, please take a moment to read it. This is the link.   Adam, thank you for writing this! We all need to remember these things.

Celebrate your friends and colleagues. 

Be proud of what you know and have accomplished. 

Does comparing myself to others help me at all?

This is something to read and keep at your desk.

Have an awesome day!