Tuesday's Apron- The Butcher's Apron

The Butcher's Apron.  A few years ago when I started teaching sewing an apron was a smart and useful  beginning project. The student would learn cutting, basic seams, pockets and making ties or a waistband.   After so many classes of teaching the half apron I wanted to teach something more utilitarian and gender friendly.  To me the half apron seemed more feminine. 

The butcher apron, a full apron, I imagined to be full coverage of the body with a very durable fabric or leather.  But no I was wrong.  It is a canvas fabric which is usually made of cotton and has the weight similar to a heavy denim.  What makes it different is a stripe.  A broad stripe on the apron means you were a butcher who learned the trade by working his way up.  If the broad stripe had a narrow stripe above it, you learned the trade by being an apprentice. 

The color was normally blue which was the color of the Butcher's Guild crest, and coincidentally covered up stains as well.  Now all this dates back to the 16th century, including the fact that if someone outside of the trade wore the apron it was an offense punishable by law!  Now many restaurant and cafe servers wear the butcher's apron simply because it looks smart. This actually includes many of my clients. 

This is Tuesday's Apron, enjoy!