Have you ever worked with tomatillos? They are so beautiful, delicate and hardy at the same time.  I received them for the first time in my CSA last week (community supported agriculture).  I wasn't sure what to do with them. They look pretty in this ceramic bowl.  Very seasonal looking. If you live in the Park Slope area my CSA is at the Warren St. / St.Marks Community Garden thru the Angle Family Farm.

In the picture above, I peeled half of them.  The tomato itself is quite tough.  So what did I do with these beauties? Roast them. Then I found a new recipe on Food52 for enchiladas suiza . They were very simple to make and incredibly tasty! The  tortilla shells get dipped into the tomatillo  sauce before assembling. Amazing! And doable on a weeknight.  

Check it out! 

photo from Food52 by James Ransom

photo from Food52 by James Ransom