Some Cool Spoons

flatware from the Anthropologie Catalog Fall 2015

We use them everyday. It's not even a second thought. Rarely do we eat with our fingers.  These are a necessity; spoons, forks, knives.  They are purely utilitarian. They can also be pretty, funky, unique.

brass and nickel spoon from Anthropologie.com

Perfect for bar drinks or ice cream sundaes! Bring some woodland into the kitchen.

from terrain.com

Above are porcelain spoons Hand-crafted by Brooklyn-based artist Michiko Shimada sold at terrain.com Perfect for stirring coffee and tea!

Ariele Alasko 

Ariele Alasko 

Another Brooklyn based artist, Ariele Alasko, loves to work with wood. This love photo is absolutely gorgeous.  Her work is very interesting. Read more here.

And possibly my favorite, one spoon, double duty.  On one end you have your tablespoon and the other end your teaspoon. How fantastic is this!? Especially if you are a baker. OMG! Love it.

from the etsy shop Kitchen Carvings based in Colorado

If anyone wants to send me a Christmas gift, this is it!

Have a great week!