Depression Era Aprons

left to right photos by:, pinterest

There has been an apron that I have been seeing occasionally and I have always really liked the look.  It's on trend with overall fashion as well, a simple, clean line and airy garment.  Many people are calling it a Japanese Apron or Japanese Inspired.  Actually this popular style is a classic pinafore dating back to the depression era. 

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The above Pickford Apron, named for Mary Pickford, Hollywood actress of the time who looked completely picturesque while wearing an apron.  Or as my mother called this, a housecoat.  The purpose was to cover up your lovely attire while doing the dirty house work.

I recently began working with a new business which I am so excited about.  They would like to try a depression era housecoat, cross apron coverall.  I love doing research and love experimenting!

Happy Tuesday's Apron!