Easy Peezy Recipe: Chicken Bread Salad

my version of roasted chicken bread salad

In last month's issue of Martha Stewart there was a delicious looking dish gracing the cover.  I find their recipes always to be inspirational and quite tasty.  However, sometimes a bit too laborious for me.  It's difficult to cook when you are watching a 2 year old.  I need to cook while having one eye on her.  This dish though, I had to try so I improvised.  Also I have a husband who does not like peas and I wanted to use up what  I had in the fridge.  This is the original photo from Martha Stewart.

So this is what I did, with my short on time and attention.  I was pretty happy with this.  I bought a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods, steamed a bunch of asparagus that was in the fridge and also from the freezer, I substituted kalamata olive rolls.  The dressing Martha's kitchen makes is fabulous.  This will definitely be a repeated recipe.  Here is the link to the Martha recipe. Let me know if you improvise and how you do it!