Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron- My First Apron

first apron

On a recent visit to my parent's house I found in a cabinet  the very first apron I made.  It was actually in the second sewing class I took when I was 21 years old.  It was in a store in Portland, Oregon called Fabric Depot.  The store is still there.  It is a great, large, massive space with every type of fabric one can think of.



  It's nice to see things from our past. We think of what we accomplished, how far we have come.  Do you remember your first apron? Or your first sewing class?  An apron or a tote is a typical first sewing class project.  Basic seams, straight stitching, a pocket, straps.  Looking at my first apron it's hard to believe that I was ever this much of a novice.  You can see the shakiness in the stitching.  This apron is almost 20 years hold.  An example of how long things we make can last.  Now I am making aprons and selling them.  Proof of a craft turning into a career. 

first apron

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