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Happy New Year and Gettin’ Cozy!

Start the new year positive. That’s what everyone says.  And it is a good thought, a great idea. Begin with a new slate.  It was challenging to do that this year while sitting on the couch battling a bad virus of drippy nose, post nasal drip and sinuses in such pain all I could do was squeeze my head.  Most Christmas holidays I end up getting a cold. Body exhausted from holiday prep and work. I think most people are worn down. It’s a busy time of year for me, with holiday craft and maker markets and custom orders, daily life unravels quickly.  Secret Santa for my daughters class, Secret Santa for my family which means I also have to do not only my secret Santa but my daughters.  I used to enjoy Christmas, so much that my sister nicknamed me Tracey Christmas.  The songs, the decorations, the nutcracker, the smell of Christmas trees, making a wreath.  I loved and still do love it all.  Now life gets too busy where we can’t enjoy life.  What can be done differently in 2019?  I don’t do resolutions but it is a nice time to reflect, recharge and reacess.

Which leads me to clean up time, clutter clearing and destashing. Maria Kondo is the latest craze. I bought her book two years ago.  I read some of it. And now she has a Netflix series.  My husband and I watched episode one. His closet now looks like he is leaving me. He is very good and getting rid of unnecessary things. And apparently he’s not the only one. According to the news, people are clearing out so much that charities are overloaded.  That’s always a problem in Brooklyn.  We have so much that charities want new with tags or refuse your items. How can we get rid of stuff, and keep a clear area. Lessen our footprint.

So what’s my point? What is my point. Carbon footprints. I really don’t want to show you my messy, overcrowded studio.   If I do will it make me more accountable? Maybe. But I do need to get rid of stuff, fabrics. We all do. Our local weekly farmer’s market has a regular vendor who will take your unwanted fabrics and recycle them. Another book I read recently that I really enjoyed and was relatable to me is American Cozy by Stephanie Pedersen.


This is based on the other latest craze hygge. Although it is hygge inspired and is an inspiration read for us American who are clutter bugs. I don’t want bugs in my studio and when there is so much crap everywhere I feel like I may uncover some critter every time I move a large container of fabric. So I am getting rid of stuff, I just need to. For my own sanity.

So 2019 what are you going to be? Lessen my footprint. Make an effort to do so.

Do you have any decluttering, how to deal with the emotions of throwing out fabric?