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Time for a Picnic

lobster picnic blanket

Here in the northern hemisphere we are in mid-summer and it certainly feels like it in the northeast. I am probably more aware of it because my mother--in-law from Sydney is visiting and it has been a topic of conversation that it is unusually cold there right now, in the 40's fahreneheit. But here in New York City it has been in the high 80's and 90's plus awful high humidity.  I certainly don't want to stay indoors when the temperatures rise.  Each morning I can't wait to get out to my small urban garden and see what has transformed over night. After I poke around the veggie plants and flowers I like to sit on the couch outside, have an ice coffee and do a little work.  Sometimes I opt for a picnic blanket in our patch of grass.  

Perfect for a baby who is in his or her tummy time stage or learning to crawl or a little one who might be a little unsure of the grass.  My daughter was not a fan of grass or sand in the first few years.  Whatever the case may be I have designed and made a variety of picnic blanket styles that come in 2 fabrications; denim cotton and water resistant poly. 

Neon Orange Tassel Denim Conductor Stripe Blanket $55.00

Neon Orange Tassel Denim Conductor Stripe Blanket $55.00

denim blanket with neon tassels

I am always drawn to the denim and natural fabrics.  I like the way they wash, ware and feel but in early summer when the ground still has that spring dampness or after a heavy rainfall there is nothing like getting a wet bottom on your picnic. For these occasions there are water resistant blankets I am selling in my Etsy shop and at Celebrate Brooklyn. 

Lobster in Nantucket Red Water Resistant Blanket to  purchase visit my etsy shop   by clicking here.  $50.00

Lobster in Nantucket Red Water Resistant Blanket to purchase visit my etsy shop by clicking here. $50.00

These blankets are relatively easy to make depending on straps and pockets.  The main factor is time.  If you don't have the time you can purchase by visiting my Etsy shop or one of the many great shows at Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park. Check out the schedule here. 

Hope to see you at the bandshell!