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Scrap Bag Crafts: Projects to Make with Fabric Pieces

scrap fabric pincushion

It's hard for me to throw away fabric. I looked, I chose and I purchased. Most of it I love. I pick up a piece and usually think what can I do with this little scrap. I don't want to waste. I don't want the fabric to end up in a landfill leaking inks into our earth.  But clean spaces equals clean minds. So I decided to turn my scraps into scrap bags and I will pass on these fabrics to you.  Not large ones, but a small 5 ounce bag.  It's not too much of an investment so you can buy as many as you need.

So what comes in these bags?  Scrap bags come in quilting cottons, denims or canvases. Everything is cotton or cotton linen.  No scrap is smaller than 2" wide. That's my rule of thumb.  Therefore if you are a quilter it can be used for patchwork. Whatelse can you do with scraps? I compiled a list with links.  

passport cover from Sugar and Cloth

passport cover from Sugar and Cloth

1. Super cute passport cover from Sugar and Cloth.

Modern pincushion from Canoe Ridge Creations

Modern pincushion from Canoe Ridge Creations

2. Pincushion - this modern pincushion is a great intro project into quilting, from Canoe Ridge

3. Bunting / Garland - good for any sort of party, kid's bedroom or playroom or a classroom.  This one is from the Purl Bee and uses felt.  Fabric can easily be substituted.  I did something similar with felt, backed with fabric in my daughter's name. 

4. Appliqué design on tea towels - This next one is a cute idea for a housewarming gift.  I taught this to some students for a Mother's Day gift. It's an easy and quick project for young learners. They also get to be creative with designing the layout.  You can buy some toweling fabric at most fabric and craft stores which saves some time sewing the towel.

from Martha Stewart quilted coasters

from Martha Stewart quilted coasters

And for #5, however the list can go on. Coasters. The scrap bags I make are color coordinated so you can make a set of fabric coasters that complement each other. A great house warming gift or gift for yourself.  Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial.  These are quilted but you don't need to do that. 2 rows of stitching around the edges are enough.  

Off the top of my head some more ideas are:  ornaments, fabric flowers, glasses, buttons, barrettes, zip pouch, fabric necklace, kids belts, napkin rings, memory game chips.  So many diy projects, so little time. But the fabric won't end up in the landfill. To buy some scrap bags you can visit my Etsy shop or email me  and I would love to see what you make! I find when given restrictions we can create so many interesting things.

Happy New Year!

It's National Sewing Month! DIY: Tutorial

Today you can find me blogging for the Etsy New York Team, click here to get to their site.   September is National Sewing Month. And no this is not a new thing, President Ronald Regan enacted it in 1982 to honor the importance of domestic sewing.  And that's domestic as in home and here on US soil.  I teach sewing part time.  Occasionally you will find I also do diy and tutorials on my blog and other blogs.  So in honor of National Sewing Month I created this project that is perfect for an intermediate beginner, doesn't take long, can use up your scrap fabrics and is perfect for the new season.

By the way, the First Day of Autumn is Wednesday the 23rd.  Enjoy!