Resolutions: Do or Don't

It's January 7th so regarding resolutions just do it already right?  I have a few embarassing things to admit. First is I have over 17,000 emails in my gmail.  That is crazy! And frustrating.  As of today I have started unsubscribing.  So far this morning I have unsubscribed from 5 companies.  I am feeling overloaded and having technology exhaustion.  It's bad enough I have clutter issues physically, see photo, but also mentally because of emails, passwords, icloud, apple id, I have had it! Therefore, once again, I think I did this last year as well, my resolution is to get organized.  However I did find some useful tips on Apartment Therapy.   

1. Set specific goals and make them manageable, that's key.  And don't make it complicated. 

2. How are you going to accomplish these goals.  Create a step by step list.

3. Write down your plan. I try to do this with everything because for me it helps to write things down.  It then sinks into my brain and also I can look at it later. 

4. Make yourself accountable by telling someone.  They can not only inquire about it but also support and remind you.

5. Don't make it complicated.

So my first big goal is to get my office clean and organized.

Wish me luck!