running a business


Now more than ever I am realizing the importance of minimum quantities and production. It's hard and exhausting to try to run a business, start a business, raise a child and be happy.  I just wrote this blog post and am usually not very forthcoming about my struggles or my frustrations.  The post disappeared.  I was finished writing it, I clicked save and it froze.  Ugh sometimes I feel so old.  I feel like I am pedaling and not getting anywhere.  

This past weekend I sold at a craft fair and was sewing till the 11th hour.  That would be 8 am Saturday.  The market started at 11.  I felt unprepared, not organized and felt that I wasn't giving a good presentation.  How do I do better? How do I get more organized? Am I doing too much? child, cats, home, work, life, gardening, teaching.  This is what the studio looks like after a market weekend.

studio pic

So many women do it.  Why do I feel like such a mess? And yes a failure.  I have a daughter who is not sleeping at night, coughing and crying.  I have a cat who is going thru chemo and peeing on the couch.  I try to make dinner every night.  I am not great at cleaning which bothers my husband.  And I really want my own business, I want my own business to be successful.   I am a designer by trade and love it.  It's what I wanted since I was 16.  What makes a  business successful?  Can it be done alone? I have 2 days a week where my daughter is with a nanny.  I have a good 10 hours of work time each day.  I teach a few classes those evenings and try to make product during the day.  How can I be more productive? I even bought a book called "Make it Happen".  I have to keep track of everything I do and try to eliminate the things that aren't needed.  

I recently started reading this blog by a flower farmer in Seattle, called Floret.  There was an article about her in Martha Stewart April 2015.  It's inspiring.  It's a good go to.  Whether you are a designer of fabrics, flowers, jewelry or skin care we all need to support each other and share the secrets.  I like to share recipes, talk about the fabrics I am working with and the product I am working on.  The field trips I take. Positivity on the blog.  

Now I need to go and take Oliver to the vet for round two of chemo.  Then pick up the little one at playgroup. Try to do some work while she naps this afternoon.  I like my work.  I find even with the struggles and frustrations I am the happiest I have ever been.