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DIY: Sew a Tote this weekend!

Happy Friday! I am blogging for EtsyNy today and wanted to share this post with you.  This is a great project for someone who has learned to sew and wants to learn a few more techniques.  This is a lined bag with an interior pocket and sturdy cotton handles.  100% cotton! 

You can not only use the bag for apple picking but a trip to the farmer's market to pick up some other veggies! Full instructions are on EtsyNY's blog.  Just

Have a great weekend!


It's National Sewing Month! DIY: Tutorial

Today you can find me blogging for the Etsy New York Team, click here to get to their site.   September is National Sewing Month. And no this is not a new thing, President Ronald Regan enacted it in 1982 to honor the importance of domestic sewing.  And that's domestic as in home and here on US soil.  I teach sewing part time.  Occasionally you will find I also do diy and tutorials on my blog and other blogs.  So in honor of National Sewing Month I created this project that is perfect for an intermediate beginner, doesn't take long, can use up your scrap fabrics and is perfect for the new season.

By the way, the First Day of Autumn is Wednesday the 23rd.  Enjoy! 

Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron- My First Apron

first apron

On a recent visit to my parent's house I found in a cabinet  the very first apron I made.  It was actually in the second sewing class I took when I was 21 years old.  It was in a store in Portland, Oregon called Fabric Depot.  The store is still there.  It is a great, large, massive space with every type of fabric one can think of.



  It's nice to see things from our past. We think of what we accomplished, how far we have come.  Do you remember your first apron? Or your first sewing class?  An apron or a tote is a typical first sewing class project.  Basic seams, straight stitching, a pocket, straps.  Looking at my first apron it's hard to believe that I was ever this much of a novice.  You can see the shakiness in the stitching.  This apron is almost 20 years hold.  An example of how long things we make can last.  Now I am making aprons and selling them.  Proof of a craft turning into a career. 

first apron

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