Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron: Inspirations

Tuesday's Apron this week is Thursday.  Time Warner, our local internet provider, has been "doing work".  We've been without cable, internet and phone for days at a time.  Frustrating when you work from home. So Tuesday's apron is today.

Do you peruse pinterest?  Lots of interesting things can be found.  Also lots of uninteresting things.  But it is always nice to see images, projects and inspirations from all over the globe.

Here are a few of my most recent inspiration pics I have found.

above photos from top left: kinfolk,  retro home on etsy, anthropologie,  attitude and apron on etsy, japan lovely crafts on etsy, bowl and pitcher,  becnally.com,  quito keeto

Happy Thursday!

Giveaway, Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron - GIVEAWAY

denim apron collage

There is a new style of apron in my line and life.  It is full style butcher apron using light weight denim. Denim is known for it's sturdiness and hardiness.  Great for cooking, baking or gardening.  Unlike regular old levi's denim, usually a heavy 12 to 16 oz.  This style is lighter weight, easy to move in and has 3 patch pockets; 2 are lower classic 5 point pockets and there is one chest thermometer pocket, double faced.  That means lined with a pop of color.

Winner will choose the webbing color ties: kelly, natural, red, black or yellow and choose the pocket :  rail road stripe, lobsters or blue boat print.


Of course this isn't totally free, I need a name.  All suggestions welcome, you can comment below this post or on my Facebook page.  Enter the giveaway here!  Raffle is held thru rafflecopter and winner will be chosen May 15th.  Entries accepted until May 14th. 

Good luck!


Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron- My First Apron

first apron

On a recent visit to my parent's house I found in a cabinet  the very first apron I made.  It was actually in the second sewing class I took when I was 21 years old.  It was in a store in Portland, Oregon called Fabric Depot.  The store is still there.  It is a great, large, massive space with every type of fabric one can think of.



  It's nice to see things from our past. We think of what we accomplished, how far we have come.  Do you remember your first apron? Or your first sewing class?  An apron or a tote is a typical first sewing class project.  Basic seams, straight stitching, a pocket, straps.  Looking at my first apron it's hard to believe that I was ever this much of a novice.  You can see the shakiness in the stitching.  This apron is almost 20 years hold.  An example of how long things we make can last.  Now I am making aprons and selling them.  Proof of a craft turning into a career. 

first apron

And don't forget to enter the giveaway for my new lightweight denim apron.  Check out the post here

Tuesday's Apron, Giveaway

Tuesday's Apron - Denim with a GIVEAWAY!


Never misplace your apron. What happens when you do? Well I use my jeans or pants or shorts.  Yes I do have 50 plus tea towels but it's an automatic reaction. Wipe my paws on my legs, such a childish move.   Then of course I am mad at myself because I make aprons.  Why don't I have a clean one!? What can I do about this? Restock my own personal inventory. 

Summer is coming, it is.... spring is here finally!  I have designed some new aprons for the warm weather season, and somewhat sticky season here on the north east coast.  The light weight denim apron is perfect for a gritty bbq or in a hot kitchen.  I have a friend who's mom has the stove and oven moved out to the garage for the summer because it becomes too darn hot in the house.  She is from Italy, loves to cook and can't give it up in the summer and makes a killer tomato sauce.  I digress.  Back to denim.  It comes in all sorts of weights but this denim apron is light weight, move with ease, will take some abuse  and not keep you weighed down.  Denim, historically, is strong and stable, usually woven in a twill weave and crafted to be worn repeatedly without washing. 

full apron collage

They will be available in half and full styles. I am also looking for a name for this denim apron.  Come up with one and enter it into the comments.  Even if your suggestion isn't picked you still may win your own denim apron. Entries accepted until May 14th.  Raffle is held thru rafflecopter and winner will be chosen May 15th.  One week before Memorial Weekend, the unofficial start of summer.

Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!



Tuesday's Apron

Tuesday's Apron- The Harper Apron

Full apron with October Edibles Pocket

Full apron with October Edibles Pocket

I've been gearing up for the summer season, prepping for markets, designing and experimenting with some new designs and I have a spring break coming up! Busy bee here in Brooklyn.  One of my new aprons, which debuted at the Handmade Holiday Cavalcade at Chelsea Market in Manhattan last Christmas was the Charley Harper apron.  I have renamed it the Harper apron.  These will be a limited collection and only a few in each design.  This is a full style Butcher Apron with 3 pockets.  The third pocket will be a media pocket.  All pockets are double sided and will feature some of the amazing, gorgeous prints from Charley Harper's Birch Organic collection. 

The main body of the apron will be a linen cotton fabric, perfect for the warm weather and a hot kitchen.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.35.49 PM.png