Choosing a Picnic Blanket

Choosing a Picnic Blanket

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With warm weather here many of us are heading outside to get some fresh air, dine out or hang with friends and family. So how do you choose a picnic blanket that is best for your needs?  

1.Where are you picnicking? grass, beach, cement. Here in the northeast in early summer the ground is still damp so I like to use a water resistant fabric so the dampness does not soak thru the blanket.  The Litchfield is water resistant and easy to care for. Right now it comes in a classic black and white gingham, a pretty blue floral or a whimsical yellow pineapple. If you are on cement it's probably best to buy one with a little padding in it. If it is mid summer and very dry, a cotton canvas blanket will do just fine. The Color Block is bright and cheery. Throw it in with your other linens whenever it needs a cleaning. These blankets come with a pocket and carry strap. Easy to roll up and throw over your arm. 

2.  Want something a little more durable and provides dryness and softness? The Double Duty Blanket which has a poly water resistant bottom and cotton top. Get ready to snooze under a tree. 

3. Something for the cooler weather?  A double brushed and one layer flannel blanket. Very cozy but not heavy. Perfect for cool nights at the beach or on your porch. These are a nice size that will fit easily into a tote. 

Hope this helps you and you find a blanket that suits your purposes. If not, please email me with any questions.



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