Mindful Monday: Linen

Mindful Monday: Linen

flax plant
flax plant

Why is linen so awesome?  Linen has some fantastic benefits mainly feeling lovely and draping beautifully but it is a very eco friendly plant.  It comes from the flax plant which can pretty much grow in any condition. All it needs is water, making it eco friendly. Globally almost every country has cultivated it.  The list of characteristics is extensive:



-dries quicker than cotton

-moth resistant

-anti bacterial and softens with every wash


 It also will last longer than cotton making the investment worth it. 


flax plant linen

The higher cost of linen comes from the fact that linen is more difficult and laborious to process. Removing linen from the flax stalk is intense and while being processed it can break.  But if this is something that you will have for the rest of your life it's worth it right?


linen on cones

The blog Hoe-Farming has such an awesome yet not overwhelming post on linen. And my favorite picture is the linen in the pond. That is work. Definitely take a look. 

Ok so the wrinkles?

Yes it wrinkles and that's because of the elasticity of the fibers. You can iron or not iron. A tip for napkins is line dry or pull them out of the dryer when they are almost done and hand press them on something flat. I use my kitchen island. 

Why is linen a Mindful Monday subject?

1. less energy to process into fabric or yarn

2. best to air dry but dryer is ok (less stuff going into the airstream)

3. will last you forever so you don't need to buy more products to replace

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this!




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