Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz

Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz



 The company Pantone,  that many companies turn to for color forecasting advises not only fashion but also the home industry, interiors, auto, plastics and graphic design. This year is the 25th anniversary of Pantone selecting a color of the year. Pantone Corporation has named Peach Fuzz the color of the year for 2024, a calm, orangey pink hue. Also reminiscent of vintage 50's kitchen wares. 

inspired home

            photo credit: the inspired home show


The purpose of the color of the year is to inspire designers and spark conversation. Pantone chooses a color that represents what is needed in the world. Right now there are 2 wars going on, an election coming up and the economy is not so great. Peach fuzz feels warm and cozy. A color we see in the sunset and sunrise. And just like the sunrise, peach fuzz will look beautiful with terra-cotta, sunshine yellows, and deep oranges.

Ruggable peach fuzz

photo credit: Ruggable

Working in the fashion industry for 25 years I have always used Pantone for color boards, reports and formulas working with factories for graphics and apparel.  Now in my own business of housewares and softgoods I still go to Pantone for color inspiration.


What does this mean for you? Will you start seeing peach fuzz everywhere? Probably not but you will see it. You may think it's pastel, it's not.  It is a lovely shade that works well with neutrals and brighter, warm, hues.

peach fuzz bedroom

Photo Credit: Pro Creators / Canva Pro / License

Photo Credit: GIA BORGHINI X RHW Sunnies

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