How to Choose an Apron

How to Choose an Apron

aprons for LMNOP Bakery Katonah NY

aprons for LMNOP Bakery



Are you cooking, baking, throwing pottery, crafting, gardening? A full apron also called a bib apron is great for cooking and throwing pottery.  It keeps splatters at bay. And then when you are washing dishes the apron will take the soak instead of your clothes. Half aprons, also called waist aprons, are good for baking because there isn't a lot of splashing going on. Also good for gardening. I know I always wipe my hands on my apron after baking or getting my hands in the dirt.  Crafting doesn't really have splashing of ingredients so a waist apron is enough for the job.  However, lots of pockets are good on a crafting apron to keep scissors, pencils, measuring tape, glue and any other supplies. 

FABRIC: denim or canvas is good for the kitchen and pottery. Because the fabric is more sturdy liquids won't soak thru onto your clothes.  If you grab hot pot handles with your apron, a thicker fabric also protects your hands as opposed to linen.  Fabrics with texture hide stains better. Think twill or jacquard. 

denim swatch 

denim stripe twill  

jacquard swatch
         jacquard fabric swatch
STYLE: Full, half, waist, smock, Japanese. All of these terms you may see. I have asked customers and usually the style is personal choice. But as stated above depending what the purpose is will dictate the style. Smocks or Japanese style pull over the head so the straps aren't adjustable but they also won't pull on your neck if you carry things in your pocket. Many housekeepers or cleaners prefer a smock because they use their pockets and don't like the strain on their neck. They also prefer a shorter apron because a longer apron might hinder them when bending down. 

Finally, pockets. One is fine, two is better, three is great. They should be deep. Think of a phone. When you bend over you don't want your phone falling out. Waiters and waitresses use their pockets for a pad, or iPad, pens, straws, their personal items. Gardners use it hold all their tools. 

Having an apron just makes it easier to stay clean and not ruin your clothes. 

Now you know. Stay clean!

Take a look at some aprons. Shop! 

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